Badger Visual Arts Senior Show - Friday, May 11

Please take the opportunity to look through the information below. 

If tasks below are not completed by dates listed - It will not be in the show.

Badger Seniors Only

1. Students select their favorite 3 pieces By May 4.
-Things to consider: Is it school appropriate, high quality, represents you as an artist.

- Discuss with your teacher about the pieces you select if you have questions.

- Follow the steps below once you find out what work is being displayed. 

2. Students need to frame their own work  by May 9
- mat - find a mat that works for your piece which is already pre cut
- find a frame that goes along with that mat size
- If there is no mat that works for your piece you need to ask Mrs. Neighbors or Mrs. Weimer.

3. Students need to complete the artist statement by May 9 - link on right 
- Students have to download the template  and fill out the artist statement.
- Use the template to place your photo and your text into the space provided. Do not change the font and placement.
- Print the artist statement in color. Art rooms printers available. 
- Cut and place your artist statement into the black artist statement frames. (Take glass out and place over paper and trace it for placement. Than cut.)

4. Students need to complete the Permission Form by May 9. - link on right

- This form is for the school to be able to use images of your work or of you for publicity. Please print and turn in with your work.

4. Work - Your work needs to have been created here at Badger 
- Any time of your high school career
- Place work in the gallery once framed and artist statement is completed.
- Work should be next to your artist statement on the floor 


5. Set up - Seniors collaborate to set up the show by May 8.
- Specific students will be setting up the space.  (Seniors will be in charge of curating the show. This includes set up, food, drinks, posters etc.)

Artist statement and Permission Form

Click links below, print, fill out and turn in with your work.

Download it as a Google Doc in order to edit.