3D Courses 


3-D Foundations

Prerequisite: None          Grades: 9-12


3-D founcations is a semester long class that is designed to teach students about various sculptural mediums, while exploring multiple approaches and techniques for creating three dimensional art. Students learn to think critically and problem solve as they assemble, sculpt, carve, and construct materials in new and interesting ways. Students will work with cardboard, aluminum, clay, wood, and found objects.

Sculpture 1

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations                   Grades: 9-12


This class will center on helping students to think and create three dimensionally. Students will use a variety of different materials including wire, plaster, metal and clay. 

Advanced Sculpture

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations and Sculpture 1           Grades: 10-12


This course will build off of knowlege gained previously in the Sculpture 1 course. Advanced Sculpture students will create sculptures using both additive and reductive sculpture techniques. 

Art metals and Jewelry 1

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations                  Grades: 9-12


In this course students will learn the basic techniqes of metalsmithing which will result inthe creation of one of a kind jewelry pieces. Students will learn the metals and jewelry vocabulary and the basic techniques of metal fabrication. Students will learn how to saw, add textures, manipulate wire and metal, create decorative finishes, silver solder, and polish their unique jewelry pieces.

Advanced Art Metals and Jewelry

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations and Art Metals and Jewelry 1         Grades: 10-12


In this course students will be encourage to master the basic metalsmithing techniques. In addition, they will learn new ways to incorporate those techniques conceptually in order to solve both aesthetic and functional problems. Students will also learn techniques for stone setting and copper enameling. 

Pottery 1

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations            Grade: 9-12


With this course students will develop their knowledge and techniques of working with clay on the wheel. Students will also be introduced to a variety of ways to embellish the surface of a piece. They will learn different firing and glazing techniqes as well. 

Advanced Pottery

Prerequisite: 3-D foundations and Pottery 1              Grades: 10-12


This course continues the development of the introductory skills obtained in their first Pottery class. Advanced Pottery will include advanced wheel techniques, with an emphasis on the student developing a style or series of works. This class will aid students in the exploration of the "fine art" aspects of creating with clay. 


Prerequisite: 3-D foundations                 Grades: 9-12


Ceramis is a semester long class that focuses on a variety of clay hand building techniques. Students will learn slab construcitons, the coil method, and the use of slump molds. Students will incorporate the use of surface design and sculptural details in their work. 

Stained Glass

Prerequisite: Either 2-D or 3-D foundations                            Grades - 9-12


In this course students will have the opporutnity to work with glass cutting tools and a soldering iron. Students will create an artistic compositoin after learning how to cut, grind, and fit glass pieces together.

Advanced Stained Glass

Prerequisite: 2-D foundations and Stained Glass 1                          Grades: 10-12


In this course students will continue to develop their stained glass skills. Students will work on larger, more complicated designs and experience glass fusing.

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