2D Courses

2-D Foundations

Prerequisite: None   Grades: 9-12


This beginning level course will focus on understanding and applying the elements and principles of design through a variety of two-dimensional experiences including drawing and painting.  Students will use color pencil, graphite, pen, watercolor, and acrylic paint.

Photography 1

Prerequisite: 2D foundations        Grades 10-12


Photogrpahy ! is an introductory course designed to give students a background in visual literacy and basic skills of 35mm camera operation and black and white printing, enlarnging, and finishing. 

Advanced Photography

Prerequisite: 2-D foundations, Photography 1


This course will include both digital and film photography. Students will learn a higher level of photographic skills and understanding of techniques. Students will learn to use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate their digital images.


Painting 1

Prerequisite: 2D foundations        Grade: 9-12


In this class students will explore oil, watercolor and include a variety of techniques on paper and canvas. 

Advanced Painting

Prerequisite: 2-D foundations and Painting 1


This course is designed to encourage a personal response to painting. Students will investigate dynamic compositions and meaningful images  based on observation, memory, the imagitination, and as a vehicle for self-expression. In a variety of media in watercolor and oils, students will use tools and materials to explore space, light, color and form at an advanced level.

Drawing 1

Prerequisite: 2D foundations   Grades: 9-12


In this course students will focus on creating forms on a two-dimensional surface using the elements of line, shape and value. Emphasis will be placed on studio work. Students will increase their artistic abilites using a variety of different  media including charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, pen and ink, and pastels. 

Advanced Drawing

Prerequisite: Drawing 1    Grades: 10-12


The course will focus on mark making as a means of expression. Emphasis will be placed on studio work. Students will expand on their abilities gained in their drawing course. 

Digital Illustration/Painting

Prerequisite: Drawing 1      Grade: 10-12


Students will learn how to create illustrations and digital paintings through the usage of drawing tablets (Wacom) and Adobe Photoshop. The course is designed through concept art in character development, evironmental design, and scenes.

Stained Glass

Prerequisite: 2D foundations or 3D foundations          Grade 9-12


In this course students will have the opportunity to work with glass cutting tools and soldering iron. Students will create an artistic compositon after learning how to use the tools and materials.

Advanced Stained Glass

Prerequisite: Stained glass 1


In this course students will continue to develop their stained glass skills. Students will work on larger, more complicated design and experience glass fusing.

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